A New Kind Of Honesty Mary V & Tony W
Change Is A Process Jamey H & Renae S
Chris M Thursday Night
Developing A Compassionate Spirit Chace C & Albert C
Friday Night Main Speaker Sam M
Friday Midnight Speaker Yesenia A
In Times Of Illness Jennette F & Myron B
Its Hard To Spot A Spiritual Crisis Krys R & Courtney K
Newcomer Speaker Jam
Our Message Is Hope Jimmie M & Claudia L
Regardless Of Jason P & LaTonja J
Relieving Ourselves of Our Guilt
Saturday Afternoon Speaker Tyrone M
The Pain & Insanity Are Unnecessary Joe R & Debra B
The Process of Forgiveness Stephanie J & Nikita W
This Same Something Terry B & Ashley B
Unity Is A Practice of Love Vanessa W & James T
Womens Rap Quinnie C Jeanette L & Shannon M
We Ask God To Howard G
Saturday Night Speaker Stephanie R
Saturday Midnight Speaker Mike P
Sunday Morning Speaker Marsha P